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State of the art technology enabling unique crafts in various materials

Tellico Creative Designs

Bruce Dillingham

Loudon, TN

Tellico Creative Designs grew from experiences with a variety of hobbies. The common theme was design and fabrication utilizing various materials such as glass, wood, stone and metals. As one of the hobbies was computers and technology, it was a natural evolution to combine technology with the design and crafting of these various materials.

A state of the art Laser and Computer Controlled Router (CNC) provide, detail, precision, flexibility and enable creativity in a host of materials not previously feasible.

Current capability includes Laser engraving and cutting. Laser engraved text and photos in just about any surface; mirror, acrylic, paper, glass, wood, granite, marble, brass, aluminum.

CNC routing of 2D and 3D projects is now possible and being utilized. Check out the latest project work.

Check out the various galleries of my work and keep me in mind when you need something special and unique.